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We specialise in finding plots of Land, Rural Properties and Land, Renovation projects, abandoned Properties and Bank repossessions.

Our concept is seeking out Properties not normally listed Internationally where excellent value can be found.

We are based in Thailand, have an amazing team to assist you in your Property search and guide you safely through the buying process.  

We can also assist in negotiating with Contractors for Building and Renovations up to full Project Management.

How we can Assist with your Thailand Property search

Finding your Dream Property

Whether it be a small Rural Farm, Renovation project, Land to build, Abandoned estate or Bank repossession we can assist you. Thailand has 77 provinces and borders 4 other Countries. We have many Blogs and Links to explore however nothing is better than your own Thailand travel adventures. Some points to take into account when searching for your Dream Thailand Property are - Are you planning to Live, Holiday or Invest, how immersed would you like to be in Thai culture. The Climate, do you like to have a cooler winter or happy with all year heat, beaches, international schools, medical care etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and/or your requirements and we’ll be happy to assist.

Can Foreigners own Property in Thailand

Foreigners cannot own Property in Thailand directly however there are ways to own Property indirectly. The most common is to set-up a Thai Company which owns the Property. It is also common to ‘hold’ a Property Leasehold, the maximum lease being a 30 year term. It’s a common strategy for Expats/Foreigners married to a Thai national to purchase the Property in their Spouse’s name then take out a 30 year lease in their name for security. The lease holder can apply for a construction permit to build a house in their name. This gives more security in the event of selling or subleasing. Purchase structures such as Vendor Finance can also be set-up, this normally requires a 50% deposit. Our legal team can advise on the right structure for you and the due diligence needed for your security.

Expat Life in Thailand

Thailand has become a very popular Expat destination, we post many Expat related articles in our Blog about this. It’s possible to live cheaply or as extravagantly as you like with little interference from the Authorities other than having a valid Visa. For more information about Visa’s please see our post on this subject. We also have separate posts on Working in Thailand and Retiring in Thailand. When it comes to where in Thailand you’d like to buy Property the Expat community or lack of Expats is a big decision. We always suggest spending some time travelling and experiencing the locations you’re interested very important. We also link many Youtube Channels and Blogs which give fantastic insight to the experience that is Thailand.

Building and Renovating in Thailand

Building and/or Renovating in Thailand can be a extremely rewarding experience. It can also be extremely frustrating with language/culture and quality of workmanship differences. We always recommend either overseeing any works yourself or having a Project Manager oversee any major works. We have done many projects big and small and can assist with anything from advice and contacts to full Project Management. With Thai construction permits catering for both Traditional construction standards and Modern construction there are a lot of options available. There can also be a big variation in price between contractors for the same result, especially with local Contractors dealing with Foreigners. We have a lot of experience in negotiating with Contractors and taking all the elements into consideration. For example if you want to integrate into your local community don’t bring in outside contractors and labour for the whole project.

Thailand Properties

Architectural design

Our team can assist with Architectural design such as Traditional, Modern, Eco friendly and Environmentally sustainable house designs. This is a House designed for a client who's request was for natural air flow to keep cool without air conditioning.

Property Titles and due Diligence

There are many different types of Land Titles in Thailand. The Certificate of true ownership is called a Chanote Tittle. We have found a great way to unlock great value from Rural property without the full Chanote is to complete this process before purchase. This normally involves having the District office survey the Land and put in the border posts. Our team can assist with this process which can be a great way to purchase Rural land.


Property Search
For a more personalised Property Search we'll put you in contact with one of our Agents.
Property Purchase
We can advise and assist you in purchasing Thailand Property safely and securely.
Building and Renovations
We can advise and assist no matter how small or large your Project is.

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