Life in Rural Thailand: A Simple, Relaxing Way of Living

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Have you ever dreamed of living a simple life, free from the stresses of city living? If so, Rural Thailand may be the perfect place for you! In this blog post, we will look at life in rural Thailand, a relaxed and simple way of living. Whether you’re looking for a permanent move or just a vacation away from it all, we will also share the pros and cons of living in Rural Thailand so read along to know more

Life in a remote place can be simple and peaceful, but there are pros and cons to living in a remote place. The environment there is of course the pro as you live in tune with nature, eating off the land with fresh air because they don’t have any form of industry yet. The lack of urbanisation means some of the facilities you took for granted in Bangkok may not be that easily available. It may seem boring at first glance when compared against urbanised cultures around the world today – especially if you’re used attire yourself wearing leather shoes every day and commuting to a 9 to 5.

Here are the Pros and Cons of living in Urban Thailand:

A Simple Way of Living


Rural Thailand, some people might find boring, but if you want to live in an environment with fresh air and fresh food without too many amenities and luxuries then this place has everything your heart desires.


Even though it may seem like a simple life in Rural Thailand, you might find yourself getting bored if you haven’t lived before remote areas and want some excitement

Thai culture is fabulous but living far away from any major cities makes days more sluggish.

Peaceful and Quiet Place


Rural Thailand is a place to experience peaceful life without the noise from vehicles and other things. You will only hear birds chirping, animals rustling in their natural habitat; this makes for an ideal vacation destination where one can relax with no distractions plus it’s always located right near some beautiful scenery!


There aren’t many vehicles that can create noise, but the downside is transportation difficulties. If you want something to buy from the store, then it might be a long walk or wait for someone with a vehicle coz there are few amenities and stores in there

Rural Thai People


Rural Thailand is a place where you can feel the warm atmosphere of people. They will always greet you with a smile and make sure that they are there to help when needed, even if it means just giving directions or finding something for them!


You want to be friendly and welcoming, but there’s a language barrier that makes it difficult. It can be hard for the person who doesn’t know English since finding an actual speaker of that language or dialect may seem like an impossible task at times


When you eat food in rural Thailand, it’s so good and fresh. You can enjoy more vegetables along with sticky rice (a type of rice) that has been grown nearby, and fish from agriculture markets nearby too! These traditions make all the difference when eating this delicious cuisine: they’re always alive and full of life energy which we lose these days because most people don’t take time out anymore for themselves or their community…

A must-have while traveling through many communities around Thailand is involving ourselves in the community, whether it’s buying stuff at the neighborhood market, or just lending a hand to neighbors and help out with the chores! This is how we make friends and truly experience the culture in rural Thailand.

One way of life that you can adapt there is by waking up early to enjoy some peace and quiet before it gets too hot outside.


The way of living in Rural Thailand is agriculture and embracing their culture is by  eating traditional food

The people there live on an everyday basis, with the ingredients they have available and sourced locally. If you’re used to eating fast food or fancy dishes, then this will be difficult. As the food is made of what’s grown nearby and what’s convenient. This is the same way our grandparents generations ate and foraged food and survived before we came along.

Wrap Up

The best place to live in or travel if you want a stress-free and simple life is Thailand’s rural areas. They are far from problems, but it depends on how one embracing their culture will make this happen for them.

Though there may be some difficulties, we assure you that with patience anything can become possible

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